Important Announcement regarding our Magzter App

As mentioned in my Editorial of the recently published Issue 47, I’ve decided it’s time to part ways with our digital distributor Magzter. There are several reasons for this decision, which I won’t bore you with here.

On the new platform, you can purchase SINGLE ISSUES of Wing Chun Illustrated and ALL-ACCESS SUBSCRIPTIONS. The 1-Year All-Access Subscription gives you access to the LATEST ISSUE, to the SIX NEW ISSUES we publish in a year, as well as our ENTIRE BACK CATALOGUE. You can access your account across all platforms and devices: iOS, Android and Desktop.

Please know that we will no longer support Kindle. We don’t have enough Kindle users that it justifies the expenses creating and maintaining a Kindle app. Sorry.

Please contact us ASAP so we can start to migrate your account. If you have an active subscription with a least three months left, we will give you a 1-Year All-Access Subscription. If you have less than three months left of your subscription, we will give you a 1-Month All-Access Subscription.

We will, of course, restore any single issues you might have brought.

To send us screenshots from your Magzter account, log into your account via

Click “Login” in the upper, right corner.





When logged in you can choose “My Subscriptions” and “My Single Issues”.

Email the screenshots and your full name to migrate (at) wingchunillustrated (dot) com

Thanks for your understanding.

Eric Lilleør
Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine

May 17th, 2019

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