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Issue 56 of Wing Chun Illustrated featuring Sifu Ron Van Clief
Issue No. 56 featuring Sifu Ron Van Clief is now available as Print-on-Demand and Download.

Sifu Ron Van Clief started to study Wing Chun with Sifu Duncan Leung, Sifu Jason Lau and Sifu Leung Ting in the early 1970s, and even worked out with the late Bruce Lee. In 1971, he founded his own system called Chinese Gōjū.

A multi martial arts “Hall of Famer,” Sifu Van Clief has a long career of competing in both full-contact and semi-contact martial arts tournaments in the United States and internationally. He won several World Champion titles and, most notably, at the age of 51 he fought in the 1994 Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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