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Issue 55 of Wing Chun Illustrated featuring Sifu Dennis Lee
Issue No. 55 featuring Sifu Dennis Lee has dropped as Print and Download! Sifu Dennis Lee, aged 49, is a disciple of the late Grandmaster Ip Ching, having practised Wing Chun under him directly since 1996. He is one of the co-founder of the Ving Tsun Ip Ching Athletic Association and the current Chairman of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, which was set up by Grandmaster Ip Man in 1967.

Sifu Lee founded his school, Dennis Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association in 2014. He lives in Hong Kong and frequently travels to his school branches around the region. Sifu Lee uses modern teaching methods to impart the traditional art of Wing Chun, making learning more systematic and organised.


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