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Issue 43 of Wing Chun Illustrated featuring Sifu Kleber Battaglia

Get access to some of the world’s leading Wing Chun practitioners, offering diverse, and occasionally controversial, perspectives and unique insights into the training and teaching of Wing Chun.

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  • When it comes to martial arts in general, Wing Chun Kung Fu is not much known until recently and Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine is an amplifier when it comes spreading this great art - Wing Chun.

    thumb Clark Tang

    5 star review  Very good magazine!

    thumb Евгений Эрман

    5 star review  Great way of promoting Wing Chun . Loved this magazine.

    thumb Samuel Kwok

    5 star review  Magnifico. Wing Chun is TVE perfecto soft style fighting technique, and it complements muy Krav Maga fighting technique.

    thumb Miguel Angel Hernandez
  • 5 star review  High quality magazine led by a very talented, smart, hardworking Wing Chun enthusiast.

    thumb Adam Williss

    5 star review  With out doubt Wing Chun Illustrated is the most successful magazine on the market. And Eric Lilleør is the most skilled editor in all regards

    thumb John Smith

    5 star review  Wing Chun Illustrated is a must read must see magazine. No matter the lineage you're from you may get a different point of view of what you already know or you may even learn something more on this great fighting system that we practice. Every issue has articles that are beneficial, constructive and productive for all to gain from. Just by reading the many articles with different viewpoints, it's easy to see that WCI is doing a great job in unifying the Wing Chun family from all over the world. WCI is available to download and in print. Download is great and the print version is high quality also. WCI is history in the making and we are able to see it first hand. Thank you for a great magazine.

    thumb Lafayette Harris

    5 star review  The simple and profound truth about Wing Chun Illustrated is that it delivers. In a world where bias is omnipresent, hagiography widespread, and superficiality the norm, WCI truly does provide a forum for many perspectives and approaches, always with depth and content - meaning that it's impossible to pick up an issue without gaining new, worthwhile insight into our beloved art. Truly, if one is serious about understanding Wing Chun - regardless of spelling tradition - WCI is de rigueur. Consequently, never settle for "just" present and future issues, but do get the full package, including all the back issues!!

    thumb Christian A. Stewart-Ferrer
  • 5 star review  Wing Chun Illustrated involves real Wing Chun practitioners to write about this beloved martial art. This magazine and it's Editor-in-Chief presents Wing Chun openly and gives contributing writers the autonomy to share information as it is discovered and remembered. As a practitioner and a WCI subscriber I am delighted to read so many original articles about Wing Chun, its people, its rich history and the many ways each lineage practices. Happy 6th Anniversary and many thanks to Eric Lilleor and to the staff behind the pages!

    thumb Victor Chung

    5 star review  The most professional, beautiful, technical and informative magazine on Wing Chun Kung Fu there is. A must read for everyone, from beginner of the art to senior practitioners, Highly recommended

    thumb Kleber Battaglia

    5 star review  Great magazine with lot of information. Many many wonderfull articles about different masters & lineages. Really the voice of all lineages. Highly Recommend ��

    thumb Veka Rounevaara

    5 star review  Great magazine. Show case different lineage � Highly recommended !

    thumb Jack Leung
  • 5 star review  I enjoy read the magazine has good interviews and it's so different from other stereotype martial arts magazine .. Well done to everyone involved . Loukas kastrounis

    thumb Loukas Kastrounis

    5 star review  Great exposure and coverage of exclusive interviews from top class instructors around the world.

    thumb Leng Yeo

    5 star review  A magazine devoted exclusively to Wing Chun AND lineage-independent. People, please support this wonderful, inspiring magazine. P.S. Love the new design!

    thumb Henrik Lørring Jensen

    5 star review  I enjoy the stories and photos. Good looking magazine with very nice contemporary touch. All who are interested in Wing Chun should keep reading!

    thumb Kati Rounevaara
  • 5 star review  Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine is THE magazine to read when it comes to Wing Chun (Ving Tsun/Wing Tsun). The articles are well written, informative and entertaining. WCI is the only martial arts magazine I read on a regular basis.

    thumb Sean Madigan

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Issue 43 of Wing Chun Illustrated featuring Sifu Kleber Battaglia
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Issue 43 of Wing Chun Illustrated featuring Sifu Kleber Battaglia

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