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Issue 57 of Wing Chun Illustrated featuring Sifu Leo Imamura

Issue No. 57 featuring Sifu Leo Imamura is now on sale as high-quality Print-on-Demand and Download

"Always excellently done, always thought-provoking, always interesting content, very well balanced, and always presented with grace and respect for all. I wish that all our Wing Chun brothers and sisters were as mindful in their day-to-day interactions with each other."
United States
The simple and profound truth about Wing Chun Illustrated is that it delivers! In a world where bias is omnipresent, hagiography widespread, and superficiality the norm, Wing Chun Illustrated truly does provide a forum for many perspectives and approaches, always with depth and content—meaning that it’s impossible to pick up an issue without gaining new, worthwhile insight into our beloved art. Truly, if one is serious about understanding Wing Chun, regardless of spelling tradition, Wing Chun Illustrated is de rigueur. Consequently, never settle for “just” present and future issues, but do get the full package, including all the back issues!
This is an impressive magazine and I am set back with each issue by its quality of appearance and content. Clearly, this has the potential to overshadow many other national martial arts publications. Stay the course and always protect the line. Excellent job. As always, thanks and continued success.
United States
I have purchased Wing Chun Illustrated in printed format and I have to say that it is simply the highest quality magazine I have ever owned! Beyond the quality paper and printing techniques utilised, the articles themselves are thorough and true to the Wing Chun system. I really appreciate owning a piece of history and I look forward to future issues!
United States
I have looked forward to this magazine for months and was not at all disappointed. The articles are well written, nonbiased, and most importantly very informative. This is the first magazine that I have ever read from cover to cover. I’m encouraging all of my Wing Chun brothers and students to subscribe. I’m very much looking forward to the next issue!
United States
I have been practising Wing Chun for the best part of 30 years. In my time, I have read a huge amount of material on the art; however, I can honestly say that your magazine is by a long, long way the finest collection of articles I have come across. The fact that all views (and you and I both know there are so many) on the art of Wing Chun are made readily available in one place, without prejudice, is really inspirational and will hopefully serve as a guiding light and a template for dialogue within the art itself.
United Kingdom
Issue 57 of Wing Chun Illustrated featuring Sifu Leo Imamura

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Issue 57 of Wing Chun Illustrated featuring Sifu Leo Imamura
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